The End of Bread

Hi everyone! I just wanted to do quick post following up on my bread adventure. Sadly, I have not made bread again since the first time. Although I enjoyed the whole process, it is actually really hard to fit the timing into my schedule. Making the dough requires that you let it rise for a certain amount of time over and over again. Even if I do get a good starter going, part of me is avoiding the 15 minute knead. I’m not sure when I am going to make bread again but I definitely plan on it. Part of me feels like it’s really cool and rewarding to say that you made bread from scratch with only the most basic ingredients.
 I definitely plan on picking up bread making again! Whether its in a few months or in a few years, bread is something that I don’t want to give up. Even the not so perfect bread still looks beautiful as you can see above. Now I have the right to say I MADE THAT! And I am so proud of it.

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