Self Improvement: Posture


Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start a new little series about self improvement. Now I know everyone is all about the “health craze” that has been going and I absolutely agree that people should be healthy. But I also believe that not everyone needs to make drastic life alterations and change their entire lifestyle to be healthier. My goal is to develop new habits to better my own life one piece at a time. It takes 21 days to develop a habit so once a month I will try to improve one new thing about myself. Although each little habit may be minor, together they can have some major impacts on your lifestyle. So I hope everyone will join me in trying to develop new habits (or break old ones) to overall become better, healthier people.

So my first little challenge that I think everyone can improve on is better posture. Not only am I talking about sitting up straight, Im talking to everyone out there who puts their weight on one side when they stand.

Having a better posture helps reduce back and neck pain caused by muscle strain from slouching. Sitting and stannding up straight also helps work out your core and allow better blood flow through your body.

For my job at a local Japanese restaurant, I end up doing a lot of standing. I’ve recently gotten into the habbit of turning my feet inwards and putting my weight on the outer sides of my feet. Now I know everyone says that good posture is better for you and no one listens, but I know standing like this can’t be good for me. So I encourage all of you to flatten those feet with me. For the next month, try standing with your feet parallel to eachother with your weight balanced between both legs. At first this will be difficult but standing with my feet wider (about hips width apart) is really helpful for keeping my weight ballanced. The farther apart you have your feet, the harder it will be for your to put all your weight on one side. Trust me your hips will thank you.

Now for the hard part, sitting up straight in a chair. My biggest advice for mastering sitting up straight is to flatten your feet on the floor. I have a habbit of crossing my legs which causes me to sink down in my chair a little. I can usually sit with my feet flat for a few minutes before it gets uncomfortable. For some reason, when I sit with my feet flat it makes me feel like I need to get up and move around. If you feel the urge to cross your legs try getting up and walking around to loosen your legs up and try again. Its better to take breaks without reverting back to your old sitting habbits. But if you aren’t in a place where you can just get up and walk around try tapping your feet! Even though most people tell you not to tap your feet, its been shown that any movement is better than no movement. Not only will you be working on your posture, but also be burning a few extra calories from all the walking and tapping you’ll be doing.

I’ve been trying to work on my posture for the past few days in preparation for this post and its honestly really hard. But trust me! If we keep it up, and work at it we will get used to it! Let me know in the comments below any tips you have for mastering good posture!

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