Beginning Meditation


I’ve been inspired! Here we go again! I was scrolling through pinterest when I found someones plog post about mantra meditation. I have always wanted to be able to meditate but even the thought of clearing my mind seemed impossible. Mantra Meditation seems a little easier to me than just your classic “sit-there-and-clear-your-mind” yoga that I’ve attempted to try in the past.

Mantra Meditation was just something I stumbled upon while scrolling through pinterest and I got some basic info on the general idea. Basically you have to choose a mantra for yourself and repeat it over and over. Your mantra can be about anything but it should be something important to you. It could be anything from “I want a new car” to “I want to become a stronger person”. Once you have decided on your mantra, you begin your meditation. First you have to get a set of 108 mala beads. Mala beads are often used for meditation and its basically like a necklace of 108 beads. You go around the necklace and for each bead you say your mantra. Sounds easy, right? Well, theres a difference between just saying your mantra over and over and meaning it. If you want to see actual results in your life

After reading about it, I’ve decided I’m going to give it a try! You have to do 40 days of meditation and if you miss a day you have to start over. I think its going to be difficult but I plan on sticking with it for the 40 days. I always rush into new hobies and get supper ambitious so I am going to try and hold off on buying $100 mala beads!

About a week after discovering mantra meditation I finally found the perfect mala beads. I got them on etsy for about $50. I felt like I was waiting forever for them to come in so I could get started and they finally came in yesterday! Im so excited!

I’ll keep everyone posted on my new phase and hopefully will make it through the 40 days! Wish me luck!

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