The Secret to Healthy Hair


Hi everyone! After years and years of living with frizzy, greasy hair I have finally discovered the secret to healthy hair! Nothing!

Its true. The secret to perfectly healthy hair is to let mother nature take care of it for you. I know everyone knows the general healthy hair mantra “Less heat! Less product! Thats the secret!”And it’s true that using less of these hair damaging materials will give you healthier hair, but I have found that taking it a step further and limiting the use of ALL things is the true secret.

I’m sure many of you have heard the “no-shampoo”fad that people have been begining to get really in to. And I also bet that half of you cringing at the thought of living with dirty, unwashed hair for long periods of time. But let me be the one to tell you: IT WORKS! Whether you have heard it a thousand times and refuse to believe it or this is your first time hearing about the no-shampoo routine, I HIGHLY recomend it to everyone! I have been washing my hair only once a week for about three or four years now and it has honestly completly changed my hair quality. In the years before I changed up my haircare routine, I used to have really bad friz that was impossible to mannage. I got into the habbit of wearing my hair in a pony tail every single day just to avoid the halo of stray hairs around the top of my head. I also suffered with having hair that constantly looked greasy no matter how often I washed it. A few months after switching from washing my hair every day to once a week, my hair had a entirely new personality!

When shampoo cleans your hair, it lifts up your hair cuticals on the hair follicle in order to get inside and remove any dirt or grease. This allows the shampoo to clean hair, however it strips away all of your natural oils and also leaves all of your hair cuticals open which creates more fragile and brittle hair. Washing your hair less allows your natural hair oils to stay where they belong and give your hair that natural shine and strenght! Also, when you constantly strip away your natural oils by using shampoo, you hair produces more natural oils to make up for the loss witch will cause your hair to get greasy faster.

Just to warn you, if you are thinking about switching to a no-shampoo lifestyle, it will be difficult at first. Instead of imediatly switching from washing every day to not washing for a week, try slowly washing less and less over time. At first, your hair will be very greasy since it will be replenishing your natural oils from your years of constant washing. But there is hope! After washing less and less, over time your hair will stay cleaner longer since it will not be producing any extra oils. Although it may take a few months, you will be able to go longer and longer without washing and looking like you don’t own a shower! I am able to wear my hair down for half of the week and then in some cute up-do’s the rest of the week. I also use a simple diy dry shampoo after the second or third day near my roots to avoid a major grease build up.

When I said the secret to healthy hair was to do nothing I wasn’t kidding! Besides washing, it is also better for your hair to brush it less often. Brushing your hair, especially when wet, can cause major breakage and lead to split ends. try leaving your hair natural more often and avoid the brush. Sometimes all you need is a quick comb near the roots and you have a simple, beach wave look. Just like giving up washing your hair every day, this also takes a little bit of time to see results. At first you might hate your hair after skipping your usual brushing routine, but over time your hair will show its natural waves or curls and will grow healthier and stronger!

I bet many of you are skeptical, but changing my hair care routine to “lazy and simple” is honestly one of the best dicisions I have ever made. My hair has never been more healthy!

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