Sleeping on Your Back

Hi everyone! Its been one whole month since my last self improvement post! Have you managed to master perfect posture over the past month? If not, that’s  okay! I am personally still trying to work on my posture to actually perfect it. I have gotten a lot better at sitting with my feet flat on the floor instead of crossed. But between you and me, I still find myself standing with my weight unevenly distributed. Even though the month is over, I’ve noticed that I am more conscious of my bad posture and plan on continuing working on it.

Anyway! Now I have another new self improvement challenge for you: sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your back is overall better for your body. It allows all of your organs to rest in a more natural position. When you sleep on your side you allow gravity to pull on all your insides in a direction they are not usually pulled. Also when you sleep on your stomach, you are putting all your weight on all of your organs and causing everything to be pulled forward. Not only does sleeping on your back improve what is going on inside your body, it also improves whats going on outside. If you are a persistent side sleeper, than you are not only letting gravity pull your insides to the side, you are letting gravity pull everything to the side. It’s been shown that people who sleep on one side have more sagging in their face. Also, if you prefer sleeping on one side more than the other, than that side will look slightly more baggy than the other.

I have been working on sleeping on my back for a while now and I’m finally getting better at it. Just the other day I woke up in the exact position that I started in for the first time! I noticed tat morning when I woke up that my stomach looked and felt slightly flatter because gravity was pushing down on it through the night rather than pulling it down or to the sides. Thats an added bonus! One tip I used to switch from a side and stomach sleeper to a back sleeper is to start slowly and build up. Begin by laying on your back each night for as long as you can until you absolutely need to turn over. Eventually your time will build up until you are able to fall asleep and make it through the night.

Also, I found that the temperature of the room was very important when trying to change my sleep position. Since you are changing your normal sleep routine, it is important that you make the rest of your sleeping experience as comfortable as possible.

For me, putting bulky head phones on prevented me from rolling over along with laying on my hands under my thighs right below my butt. I also found that sleeping with the blankets a little tighter arund me helped me stay in place.

Honestly this self improvement challenge is a really hard one and it may take more than a month to get it down perfectly, but I know you can do it! Try these tips for the next month and eventually you will be sleeping like a pro!


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