Drinking More Water

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while but its finally time for another self improvement post!!

Drinking enough water is something that I have personally struggled with my whole life. When I was younger I used to HATE drinking water because I would always get stomach aches. As stupid as it sounds, the problem  was that I wasn’t drinking it correctly. In fact, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I should change the way I drink water. On the rare occasions when I would drink water, I would chug a cup as fast as possible. This would always make my stomach hurt and made me believe that water just wasn’t for me. I would do some sort of physical activity, drink a lot of water, and then find myself with really bad cramps. That is when I finally learned the secret to water; SIP!!

Even if you never went through the same water struggle I did, I bet you don’t drink enough! Every day you are supposed to drink 64oz of water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated allows your body to naturally detox. Its also well known that drinking enough water improves skin, prevents headaches, and increases mood!

Even though I still don’t always get my 64oz every day, I have gotten a lot better at managing my water intake. One thing that makes drinking water easier is to get a cute water bottle or tumbler! Always having water available is the first step to getting closer to 64oz. If you keep water at eye level you are guaranteed to to drink more of it!

Another important step you should take towards improving your water intake is to cut out all other liquids. Although I was never a soda addict, I would have a Sprite here or some juice there when going out to restaurants or hanging out with frineds. Now, the only things I drink are water and decaffeinated green tea (which counts as water with added antioxidants). Even if your not drinking enough water, its a HUGE step towards improvement if you make water the only beverage in your life.

There are also lots of cute and helpful apps that are great for motivating and keeping track of water intake! Some of my favorite include “water my body” and “plant nanny.” Give one a try if your looking for that extra reminder to get some sips in.

So lets give it a try! Even though I have been working on my water intake for a while, I still have been struggling to drink enough. Try drinking more water and cutting out other beverages for the next month and see how it affects you! So start sipping!

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