Transitioning Meditation

Hey everyone! If you have been following my hobby posts then you know that I began doing mantra meditation a while ago. Its been a while since I’ve done an update on my trial run of meditation so I thought I should let everyone know how its going.

Originally, I was supposed to do the manta meditation ever day for 40 days without a break in between. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep up with it. I only go around the beads every once in a while before I go to sleep , when I’m in a good mood or need a pick-me-up after a rough day. I haven’t completely given up on doing mantra meditation, but I can honestly say that I am not crazy committed to it either.

But I haven’t given up on it! Even though I haven’t been doing mantra mediation, I started another type of meditation and so far I have kept up with it. Holosync is a very easy type of meditation where all you have to do is listen to a tape. The “music” is basically the sound of rain with some bells dinging in the background. These sounds are specifically laid out to rewire your brain by affecting your brain waves. Holosync has been shown to increase your mood, relieve stress, and improve your life overall.

There are many levels to Holosync and the process goes on for years. I currently am on level one which you listen to every day for 6 months before upgrading to level two. I have been listening to Holosync almost every day except on the few occasions when I stay over a friends house. So far, I haven’t noticed any changes since I started listening to it because it takes years and years to show significant results. However, I plan on continuing to do Holosync because its so easy! All you have to do is listen to it while you fall asleep. Sometimes I even do mantra meditation while I listen to prevent my mind from wandering. If I continue to listen every night, I will be able to advance to level 2 by November.

Wish me luck!


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