Ginger Detox

Hi everyone! Pinterest has always inspired me to try new things, especially all things health and fitness related. My Pinterest feed is full of crazy health fads that I always want to try but never quite get around to doing. Finally, I have decided to test out one of my Pinterest inspired tests: detox.

I have found so many recipes for daily detoxes so I decided to go with a simple, cheap one. The original recipe only had three ingredients: unfiltered apple cider vinegar, honey, and water. I tried this out for a day but even with the sweetness from the honey, the apple cider vinegar was a little strong. So I decided to improvise by adding pure, home made ginger juice. Ginger is great for your stomach and has a lot of other health benefits too!

I bought a ton of ginger for only 4 dollars. I pureed all of it (not bothering to peel it) in a food processor and then strained it over a bowl through a clean kitchen towel. I was hoping to maybe get a cups worth of juice but to my surprise I got a whole 2 cups!

I haven’t been using any specific measurements for each of the ingredients but in general I usually use a teacup that holds about 8oz of water. While the water is heating up, I pour 2 cap fulls (about 2 teaspoons) of the apple cider vinegar into the cup and then add about 4 squirts of honey. Then, I add a splash of ginger juice, pour the hot water over the whole concoction, stir, and sip!

The ginger juice is really strong so I only put a little bit in each batch of “tea” but just enough to mask the strong vinegar flavor. I have been doing this detox twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, for a few days now and it has been going pretty good! I haven’t noticed any differences so far and I’m not sure what to expect but I will keep you updated!


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